Shamana Flora Online Apprenticeship 2015 – Early Registration Open

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Begins Sept 15, 2015

Early Registration: Until Aug 15 – $199

Regular Registration: Aug 16- Sept 30 – $250

Early Registration – PAY In Full NOW


Early Registration Payment Plan 

Two monthly payments $99.50


Early Registration BONUSES!

When you register before Aug 15, you will also receive the following bonus materials FREE!

Sacred Plant Wisdom Vol. 1-12


Downloadable PDF files with mp3’s, videos, journey prompts and journal questions for 12 unique plant allies!

This sells for $50 but it is worth much more, hours and hours of information, inspiration, recipes, recordings and more for you to dive deeper with 12 beloved plant allies!

The Full Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles E-Course


Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles ~ Weaving the Wheel of the Year includes recipes, journaling prompts, guided meditations/journey in written form, videos & downloadable mp3 formats, nature awareness and connection practices, ceremony suggestions and information about botanical medicines to help balance and work with the seasonal energies of the earth and the body/spirit/heart… and so much more!!!

These Seasonal lessons on plant medicines help us attune to, align with and navigate the natural energies of the Earth, the Plants and our own Spirits.

$200 value!

Both of these bonuses are available to you as soon as you register before Aug 15! 

An introduction to Shamanic Herbalism from Darcey Blue- lessons, videos, mp3′s to help you understand how to work with plants from a spiritual and shamanic perspective.    We will cover communication with plants, shamanic journey, divination, sacred medicine/potion blending, talismans, ethics and more.

If you have wanted to learn to work with plants from a magical and rooted place, connected to intuition, spirit and the sacred, this is the course for you.

Listen to the recording of the FREE Telecall   : What the Heck is Shamanic Herbalism?

6 Modules which includes video lessons, mp3 recordings, practices, journal prompts, materia medica and a group forum (on Facebook!) for discussion, questions and interactions between students and Darcey Blue.   There will be a few books, pod casts and  movies assigned as outside study material.

2014-11-01 11.03.03Course materials will be available to work through at your own pace, downloadable and accessible by web.  You must have internet service adequate for streaming audio and video content.  Ipads, Kindles and other Pads have a tendency to have problems. You should use a desktop or laptop.

Each student is expected to fill out and return the registration information below to be considered enrolled.

Lesson Information and Curriculum

 What is Shamanic Herbalism, the Journey, Sacred Space and Safety

 Plant Allies, Intution, Body Wisdom/Felt Sense, Your Daily Practice

Ceremony, Ritual, Clearing, and Engaging the Medicines

 Tricks of the Trade: Divination, Talismans, Earth as Healer

 Tools of the Trade: Energetic Plant Medicine, Sacred Bathing, Elixirs, Teas, Spirit Inspired Formulation

 Every Day Shamanism: Finding Meaning and the Shamanic Mindset

Materia Medica: (subject to amendment & additions) hawthorn, yarrow, sage, juniper, artemisia, rosemary, marigold, cacao, tobacco, rose, alder, wood betony, hyssop, blue lotus

goudsbloem, calendula


Listen to the Free Teleconference Recording from Jan 22- What the Heck is Shamanic Herbalism

“Shamanic herbalism goes well beyond learning about herbs in their commonly taught context. This class, facilitated by Darcey Blue, goes into the deep spirituality and energetics of plants as beings and partners in our world and in our journeys towards healing and awakening od the soul. Each activity, video, and topic is presented in a way for all levels of learning and assured to me meaningful. Whether you are new to herbs or an ‘old timer’ you are sure to connect and move forward in your journey in celebration with the plant spirits. Certainly highly recommended and your journey will be meaningful.” -Kelli

“This ecourse has exceeded my expectations, Darcey’s offerings and her personal sharing has been a catalyst for my own personal transformation. The shamanic skills she teaches are so needed at this time. It will be a foundation for my path as a healer in my community, what I needed to ground, protect, but at the same time hold space for those that need healing, including myself.” -darlene

Shamanaflora is a life changing class! Learn the skills a human is supposed to know and practice. Learning to Journey and connect with the spirits of plants lead me down the rabbit hole to explorations in the realm of Spirit, Self and the world round me. Highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a deeper connection to the world of plants! – Susan


2 thoughts on “Shamana Flora Online Apprenticeship 2015 – Early Registration Open

  1. Hi my love,I am very interested in your course, but I wanted to ask for your guidance.. I have always resonated with shamanic practice and integrate journeywork into sacred massage.  I have forever wanted to study herbalism in depth and I intend to take Rosemary Gladstar’s homestudy program, hopefully soon.  Do you think I would receive more out of the study taking your course first, or Rosemary’s? I have read your outline on your course, but I would love to hear more 🙂  Thank you so much!With Gratitude & Love,Kerri MaroneyOwner, Healing Arts TherapistThe Women’s WellHolistic Wellness Center934 East Main Road, Portsmouth(401) 835-5683 (LOVE)

  2. Hi love any chance to pay monthly I could pay 20-25 month until pd up? Just thought I would ask- live and blessings lelu

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