A Giveaway for your Mama!

Our mothers, our lifegivers, our way makers, our support life and out, honoring and sharing our respect and love for our mothers should be an everyday thing, but we’ve also got this beautiful opportunity on Mother’s day to honor our Mama’s.  SO, this giveaway is for your mama!  Enter the giveaway by sharing this post on social media- and by leaving a comment below with your Mother’s name, why you want to give this to her, and a little about why your mama is so special and wonderful!

One lucky mama will be chosen from the entries to receive a sweet little gift pack, from YOU.  Enter your Mama, and a winner will be drawn on Sunday, May 10, Mothers Day!

Gift pack includes a 2 oz  Sweet Medicine Blessing  Mist with sweetgrass and plant essences, and a container of the delicious and heart opening Sage Heart Tea, perfect to nurture your mama’s loving heart.


16 thoughts on “A Giveaway for your Mama!

  1. My mom is Emma. My father named me after her because my mom risked her life to have me and he wanted to honor her. I was a pre-eclampsia baby. A second emergency surgery in three that my mom would have in her 76 years of life, and all three involved saving her life. You could say my mom is like a cat with nine lives, but she would say “eso es la vida.” For the better part of her life, she has spent it caring for others. From her young siblings to my late father, she’s the most selfless person I have ever met.

    In her life, the blessings that she’s had are few, but according to her, abundant. She had me at the age of 40, her first and only child. She had a loving grandmother who defined and modeled the role of mother and grandmother for her. And she hasn’t lived in poverty since I have been able to help her. The latter, though important to me because I want her to be well taken care of, means little to her. She’s never worried about finances and somehow has always managed. Whether it was living in the barrios of Mexico City or the projects of Los Angeles, my mother managed to provide without worry, just a trust in her faith. It’s simple, and that’s who she is, no nonsense. It might drive many people crazy, but I have always thought of it as being a kind of true hippy or a Bob Marley fanatic (three little birds).

    I don’t necessarily strive to be her because it’s not what she wants. But because of her, I strive to be a better me and to be happy. When I decided to move to our current location from Los Angeles, she was supportive and eager to join me because it was a journey toward happiness. And she has been happy.

    So after all I have stated, why nominate her for this gift. She lost her older sister a few weeks ago. They had a strong bond, and 40 years ago when my aunt had a stroke, my mom stepped in and helped her heal and helped raise her six nieces and nephews. The latter is an act that my cousin, Erik still cherishes and has shared with own children. “I tell them (his children) Emma is the one that raised me,” he told me last year. I know it’s been hard on her because she’s not sleeping much and is just not herself. When she lost my dad, it was tough, but she managed well. But from my father’s own loss of a sibling over 15 years ago, there is something special that is lost when your first best friend passes away. I’m sure with time she’ll be okay, but as a daughter I would love to give her some bliss for the love and care she’s given me and others.

    All mothers are special in some way. I’m so blessed to have my mom and I know she’s worthy of being blessed.

  2. Mother’s Day for me is a day to honor Pachamama. I’ve been “No Contact” with my abusive, narcissistic egg donor since 2003 when I decided to save myself from her. There are many more adult offspring estranged from narcissist mothers than most people with “normal” mothers realize. We find each other, recognizing the scars & the issues we struggle with. These recovering survivors are my siblings in spirit.

    Mother Nature nurtures me, showering me with her love & healing gifts, her eternal seasons & cycles of glorious rebirth inspiring hope for all who need a fresh start.

    Pachamama is my Mother. I share her nurturing & healing with other survivors of abuse whom I encounter.

    My daughter, a survivor of domestic abuse & now happily remarried to a loving man, & I nurture & “mother” each other. We’ve stopped the cycle of abuse that harmed generations of our family, making sure her children grow up safe & well loved.

    I would share this gift with my daughter, grandchildren & anyone else I encounter who needs Pachamama’s love & protection.

  3. My mom’s name is Cheryl. I want to gift her with this because she gives and gives and gives and does not take the time or effort to nurture her own body, mind, soul. She is so strong, because she has always had to be…and now, when she should be able to take time for herself, she has battled her second round of cancer in 17 years (breast cancer ’98, uterine cancer ’14). I wish I could shower her with the knowing and gift of self-care and self nurturing…she deserves so much more than she allows. I wish I could shower her with wholesome, nurturing gifts but I am struggling through a rebirthing, struggling with finances, and so I am unable to gift her with ‘things’ right now, and am 1000 miles away. Sending her as much love as I can ❤

  4. I would like to nominate my mother, Shelley. She is a truly giving soul. Throughout my childhood, there were always extra people around the house. They were mainly friends of my brother, sister or myself, who didn’t have a great home life. My mother would take them in and incorporate them into our household like they had always been there. More than one friend has credited my mother with their future success, thanks to her generous spirit. She deserves a little reward for her lovely deeds!

  5. My mom’s name is Rebecca (spelled a little differently than mine). She gave me life… and taught me so many things. She was there for me through the roughest times of my life and has by far, been my greatest teacher of unconditional love. She moved in to help me when my son was born when I found myself preggo and a single mama.. I don’t know if I would still be alive if not for her.. I am so very grateful to her. She is love incarnate..and I think this heart medicine would be really good for her.. thanks for all you do ❤

  6. I’d love to nominate my mom. She instilled a love of nature in me and she has always been a big influence in my life. She got me interested in plants and nature. She encourages me to follow my passions. Now that I’m a parent myself, I find myself looking back to how she gently parented, how she listened and supported, how she taught her children. She’s been a great example in my life and I hope that I can pass her legacy on to my own children.

  7. Mother’s Day is always a difficult time of year for me. I am estranged from my family – by choice- after many years of abuse. The biggest lesson for me has been in learning to mother myself when I’ve needed it most, and I have been lucky enough to have great teachers and support along the way from my own children, my husband and friends who have become family. They have all been so wonderful. If I win I would share this gift with them, who have given me do much. Thank you ❤

  8. My mami is super generous, hardworking and endlessly patient. Having been a wild child born to a creative artful mamma has had its challenges and rewards all of which I am grateful for. She is unceasingly there, the human mamma that she is and I love her.

  9. I wish I could share this with my mother ….but she is on the other side … However- I will share this with my sweet, loving daughters:) ❤

  10. My sweet beautiful mother gave me life and so much more. She is an example of positivity and love. She reminds me to laugh and appreciate the beauty and silver linings. Her courage, strength and gratitude is not only an inspiration but it carried her through her recent battle with cancer. She is a survivor and my hero. My mamunia kochana also gave me roots to our Polish heritage and an appreciation of diversity and the connection we all share. I would love to treat her with this special gift. ❤

  11. My mamma loves me and my hippy ways, and loves herbs and herbal teas. I know she would love this set!
    Shared on Facebook.

  12. My mama is so supportive and unconditionally loving! I am truly blessed to have her in my life :)))

  13. Mothers come in many disguises, if not by blood then by spirit. I am grateful for all the women who stepped up to Mother me, when my own was unable or unwilling. Deeply in honor of the Great Mother and the Mother I have become…with their continued blessings in my life. If I won this giveaway I would share it with another single mom, who is doing her best everyday…I know several deserving!

  14. I shared this via Twitter. My handle is sweeetstache

    My mom is special because she is fully devoted to family and has made many sacrifices to ensure the safety and wellbeing and future of my family. She is kind and gentle and generous. She is loving and warm!

  15. If it wasnt for my wknderful mom , it would have been a struggle for.me . being a single.mom of three children. Isnt easy but just for any mom either. My mom is very out going , will speak her mind. Veey coll mom. So tjank you.mom for being the best you can be . 😊

  16. My Mama loves me, beyond all reason. I have not been an easy child, but as I grow older, I hope that I am worthy. She is a generous Gramma, and loves the Earth so, so much.

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