Introducing the Shamana Flora Apothecary

shamana flora label

For many years my products have gone by the brand of Blue Turtle Botanicals, which reflected a little bit of me and was a name I could take anywhere, out of the desert, into the mountains or the forests of New England. But my life has been shifting a lot in the last year or two, and Shamana Flora became the umbrella which I work under. It encompasses more of who I am and what I’m doing with my work with the plants at this time.

So, I’ve decided, its time to retire the Blue Turtle Botanicals name- because my work with plants is more, different, and is growing in new directions. Starting on April 15th- all the products I make under the name Blue Turtle Botanicals will now be Shamana Flora Apothecary! And will be showcasing new products that reflect a bit more of my plant spirit magic as regular items, along with some old favorites!

This means the web address of my little Apothecary store will be changing as well. Starting today you will now go to – to purchase all of the same products. I will also be linking the store to my website! It will take a little while to transfer over all the old labels to the new name, so you may see some old Blue Turtle labels. You may already notice some changes underway if you visit the store!

In celebration of this shift to make it easier to find my products, and my educational offerings, from May 01- May 10, 2015, everything in the store will be on sale!! Use the code “shamanaflora” for 20% off all orders!!

I’ll send a reminder as the sale and switch over gets close!

I love and appreciate all your loyalty over the years as I have made my journey with the plants. I hope this change helps you find my offerings even easier in the future!


One thought on “Introducing the Shamana Flora Apothecary

  1. You are the coolest! I live in phoenix and love your blog as well as blue turtle (did not know that was you) There aren’t a whole lot of desert herb blogs (unless I’m missing something than please share?!!!) Thank you for the work you do!

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