What the Heck is Shamana Flora- and Giveaway of Two Spots to the Full Shamana Flora Course!


shamanaflora ecoursenodateIt occurs to me, as I unveil my new E- course- Shamana Flora- Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism- that some of you have been following me for a long time….that you might actually be wondering- what the heck does Shamana Flora mean anyway?? Its a name that got coined and attatched to me a few years after I began studying herbalism and shamanism, for my personal healing, and it has been with me online thru the years. But to me it means a whole lot more. It is a way of life, it is how I practice and work with the plants, how I connect with nature and spirit, and with my own heart and inner wisdom- and I’m excited to share more with you about what that actually means for you- what do I do? What does it mean to talk to plants? Be a plant whisperer? Why is it different that just being an herbalist, how is it the same? Why is shamanism something that ALL people can access and use to improve their lives?? Its about more than journey, and far more than entheogens or psychadelics. Its a way of interacting with the world around us. What the heck is Shamana Flora ??

I’d like to invite you to join me on Jan 22 at 7 pm (MST) for a FREE Teleconference call – you can call in from your home phone- and I’ll explain a bit more about why I work with plants this way, and why I think it is a useful tool and practice that takes all of us plant people deeper into the plants and into faith in the spirit that guides all things. I’ll also share a little more about the upcoming course- Shamana Flora- so if you are wondering about what the class covers, join me on Jan 22 to find out more!!!

Sign up for the FREE – What the Heck is Shamanic Herbalism Anyway- Teleconference!All registered will receive a recording after the call ends as well!! So make sure to sign up for the recording even if you can’t make the call time!

Interested in Shamana Flora now!?  You can sign up today at the Early Registration Tuition of just $80 until Feb 5!  

I am also giving away TWO spots to the course free!  See the details below!

All the course details are available now at the Shamana Flora Course page, but a sampling of what is included is below.

Shamana Flora is a 6 month course, with one module released each month, which includes video lessons,

Art by Willow Arleana

mp3 recordings, practices, journal prompts, materia medica and a group forum (on Facebook!) for discussion, questions and interactions between students and Darcey Blue.   There will be a few books , pod casts and  movies assigned as outside study material.  Lessons will be delivered by e mail monthly as a PDF file.  You will need internet access to download videos and recordings, but most course work is done in your own time away from the computer.

What is Shamanic Herbalism, the Journey, Sacred Space, Plant Allies, Your Daily Practice, Ceremony,  Clearing, Earth as Healer,  Energetic Plant Medicine, Sacred Bathing, &  Shamanic Mindset



Want to win one of TWO free spots in the Course!!  Here’s the deal!  Share this blog post on:

Facebook (personal and professional pages)



and on your blog!  

Each method of sharing gets you one entry into the drawing which will be held on Feb 4!

You must come back to this blog post and leave a comment with your EMAIL and the links to the places you shared it.

I will draw two names on Feb 4 for the free spots- (can be transferred to a friend) and announce the winners on the BLOG.

I am so excited to share this wisdom with you this year- and look forward to working with you personally in the class!!



139 thoughts on “What the Heck is Shamana Flora- and Giveaway of Two Spots to the Full Shamana Flora Course!

  1. Super idea, I tweeted and shared on personal FB page. Now I need to apply before full! Hope to share your gift with a friend.

  2. Shared on Twitter… https://twitter.com/Blessed_Baubles/status/426838992902819840
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    I also shared on my personal FB page, but it’s friends-only.

    (I’m not posting my email address publicly, but you can see it!)

    I would love to win and gift this to my amazing husband! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

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