Clearance SALE on 2012 Products!

Blue Turtle Botanicals SALE

First come first served!   

Priority mail shipping – $6.50


Payments made by PAYPAL invoicing.


2   Calendula oil  2 oz                   $10 each

1  St Johns Wort oil- 2 oz             $10

1  Sweet Spirit Skin Balm (tulsi lavender sage) 1 .7 oz  – $10

1  Tulsi Vanilla Balm 1 oz    $5

4  Marigold (tagetes) Salve  2 oz   $10

2   Marigold (tagetes ) salve    1 oz  $5

1 Juniper Balm  2 oz            $10

2 Solstice Loose Incsense (frankinsence and evergreen)  ( 4 oz tin)   $8

Elixirs & Tinctures

1    Solstice Tree Elixir  (pine, fir, vanilla ,peppermint) – 2 oz    $14

3 Prickly Pear Cordial  2 oz    $12

1 Lavender Oat Elixir   2 oz  $15

2 Marigold (tagetes) elixir 2 oz  – $15

1 Sleeping Dragon(for cold sore/HSV ) Elixir   2 oz – $15

4 Sacred Heart Elixir  (hawthorn tulsi rose and friends)  2 oz  – $15

1 Forest Shield Mushroom (reishi chaga) elixir  2 oz – $15

2 Cacao Divinity Elixir  (heartblood cacao)  4 oz  – $28


2 Evening Primrose  1 oz   – $6

2 Holy Basil   1oz                  $6

2 Desert Vervain   1 oz       $6

1 Bee Balm (monarda)   1 oz   $6


1 Winter Solstice Brew Tea (cacao and evergreeens)  -3 oz   $8

2 Ruby Chill Tea (nettle and hibiscus)   2.5 oz  $6

1 Faery Nectar Tea  (faery herbs!)  2.5 oz    $8

2 Spiced Ruby Fruit Brew (elderberry, rosehip, hibiscus, orange, astragalus, cinnamon etc)    3 oz  $8


2 thoughts on “Clearance SALE on 2012 Products!

  1. hello again darcy, i am thourghly enjoying your newsletters and the links that follow.i am just now getting your e-mail, we live in the uintahs at 7500ft. elevation and run on solar power, im using a flashlight and my husbands cellphone to message you so forgive me for the timing, i have two daughters who need the net too and i let them go first when dad is home:) i need some of these products you offer, only you will get cash, we dont do banks, i hope your cool with this. we just got our tax check so money isnt an issue. i can overnight it if you need. what im needing is the beebalm, sweetskin, sweet spirit balm, tulsi vanilla balm, juniper balm,(although im surrounded by them, just havent had the time due to family) lavender oat elixer,evening primrose tincture both of them and the tulsi vanilla balm,both of the vervain tinctures, with shipping i believe this brings me to$199.50 there are a few of your products i see crossed out i need, if its possible it will be a future order if not now, sacred heart elixir, forest shield, faery nectar, and fruit brew. were going to town tomorrow so i will need the address to send the money, thanks darcy, some of your writings hit just the right spot at just the right time, jodi. Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 01:47:10 +0000 To:

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