E-book Giveaway from This Enchanted Pixie!

Friends, I am so proud to partner up with Polly on this giveaway!  Her E book is a beautiful compendium of luscious herbal remedies and recipes that you won’t want to miss out on!  I’m giving away one copy on March 15!  Read on to find out how to get entered in the giveaway!!

Love, Darcey


Hello! I’m Polly…..

I blog over at This Enchanted Pixie about my life as a full time unschooling mama, nature lover, artist and joy seeker.

I am passionate about natural living, about minimizing how many chemicals we put onto/into our bodies. About living a more natural life. About honoring mother earth and living a more simple life.

I just released my very first eBook – a collection of over thirty of the recipes that I use with my own family. From bath salts to help you to sleep, to an all-purpose natural cleaner for you house. This book is aimed at the newcomer to making your own products.

Are you looking to move away from chemical laden commercial products? Do you want to create your own products that soothe your body AND your mind? Clean your house naturally {and inexpensively}?

I began to look for alternatives when I first became a mama, and was searching for something that would soothe my daughters eczema. I discovered just how many chemicals are in our body and household products, and started experimenting with making my own, chemical free versions.

From bath teas to a multi-purpose household cleaner, this book will guide you through making the transistion to all natural, home-made products.

You can purchase a copy here, and use coupon ‘darceyblue’ for 20% off

I have one copy to giveaway..


If you would like to enter the giveaway for a FREE Copy of Polly’s awesome E-book Chock full of natural, healthy, herbalicious recipes and tips!  Leave a comment below and get a second entry for sharing on facebook or your blog.   (Make sure you let us know you did so in the comments!)


17 thoughts on “E-book Giveaway from This Enchanted Pixie!

  1. i am very interested in makeing my own products and have been searching for all the information and wisdom i can.I am sick of all the products claiming to be pure certified organic but im finding it veryhard to find one product line i like,so i will make them.have a small base of certified ingrediants for natural soaps,lotions and such but ireallly would love to learn how to make my own essential oils and it sounds like you have a book of wisdom to share, I would love to get one
    thxz~dorothy Hevrin

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