Elderberry for what Ails Ya

Seems like its going around again- the dreaded winter cold and flu.  A mild touch of it over the holiday was quickly nipped by faithfully downing my elderberry, garlic, and getting extra sleep.

Here’s my favorite recipe for Elderberry Syrup

My favorite elder syrup includes the berries and flowers, plus stimulating, warming spices to improve absorption andcirculation.  I prefer not to overcook my elderberries by boiling for extended periods of time, and have found that excessive cooking weakens the potency of theelderberry medicine.  This syrup uses a strong 1:2 infusion of the herbs, which is preserved with honey and alcohol.  This syrup is delicious and strong medicine for the cold and flu season for the whole family!  I have also found elderberry preparations to be an excellent ally for shingles, chicken pox, and other herpes viruses.  Take 1-3 tsp per day all season long, or 1/2 tsp hourly in acute illness.

1 cup dried elderberries

1/2 cup dried elderflowers
2 tbsp ginger chips
1 tbsp cinnamon chips
16 oz water
4oz vodka or brandy
1 lemon, juice
16 oz honey or sugar
1. Mix all the dried herbs together in a jar.
2. Pour 16 oz boiling water over the herbs, and 4 oz of vodka or brandy
3. cap and let infuse 8 hours or overnight.
4. In a muslin, jelly bag, or cheesecloth strain the herbs from the liquid.  Squeeze gently to get as much fluid from the herbs as possible.
5. Add the juice of 1 lemon.
6. Measure out exactly how much liquid you have in a glass measuring cup.
7. Add an equal amount of raw honey or sugar to the liquid.  Mix well until sugar dissolves.
8. Bottle and store. It will keep best under refrigeration.  If you wish to keep this in the pantry, you will want to use more alcohol in step 2 (8 oz of 50% vodka) to preserve.