Sacred Plant Wisdom Giveaway!

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I’m so excited about the Sacred Plant Wisdom Newsletter I am offering!

Did you get your free issue devoted to Mother Corn?  Its available here!

It is full of beautiful sacred art, includes journaling prompts and ideas for working with corn in your own life, and mp3 recordings sharing wisdom that the Corn Mother has to offer us.  If you enjoy this issue, I promise you won’t want to miss the next 12 magical issues.  Right now, for one month only, I’m offering subscriptions to the newsletter for 6 months  (12 issues!) for 50% off!

Individual issues will go on sale as they are released, but subscribing is absolutely the best value! Don’t wait, because subscriptions close Feb 15!

But, I am so excited to share this work with the world, that I want to giveaway 5 subscriptions! Yes, you read that right, 5!!!!   I want this work to reach as many people as it possibly can- to help as many people connect with the plant wisdom available to us all!  

Want to get entered in the giveaway for one of the 5 free subscriptions?  Here’s the deal!

You can get one entry in the giveaway for doing each of the following things- and please come back here and leave a comment to let me know how you shared it, with a link when appropriate.  I will draw 5 names on February 5!

(Its come to my attention that no matter what I do, wordpress is not accepting comments for this post. Please contact me via email to let me know how many places you’ve posted and i’ll get your name inthe drawing!

Share the following link on: Sacred Plant Wisdom Newsletter  ( you can use the following text as well to describe the newsletter!  )

” From Herbalist, Darcey Blue, a twice a month subscription newsletter devoted to the Wisdom that comes from the Plants- and helping you find ways to connect with and learn from the plants in a Sacred Way. Each newsletter will focus on one plant, which has offered to me its desire to be included in this work- with information about what this plant wants to share and teach us at this time, poetry, art, recordings , meditations and journey prompts for you, in addition to journalling exercises to help you get the most out of the wisdom each plant is offering and applying it to your own life.
This will include medicinal uses, but will not primarily focus on the physical medicines- but the deeper relationship and sacred medicine this plant can offer us as teacher, wisdom keeper and guide. Flower essences, energetic and emotional teachings, practices and deep spirit healing and connection with the land.”

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Download Wisdom from Corn Mother FREE!

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And be sure to let everyone know that they can download the first issue FREE- Wisdom from Corn Mother!

Much love and gratitude!

Darcey Blue


22 thoughts on “Sacred Plant Wisdom Giveaway!

  1. i shared this on both of my personal facebookks and emailed about a dozen friends the link. Please please please magically pick my name!! Lol.

  2. A lovely newsletter connecting all to plant spirits – soul to soul, root to root and in our sacred bellies with recipes to boot! I enjoyed the mp3 recording of your talk on Corn’s personal message to you. Valuable to any plant lover when you want to continue your journey with plant wisdom. And a complement to left brain learning. It’s juicy:-)

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