Windflower/Desert Anemone with Darcey Blue I made a short video today about one of my favorite wild desert plant medicines- Anemone tuberosa- Desert Windflower! Watch the video to find out how to work with Windflower as a tincture and as a flower essence. I made a flower essence and sat in communion with this sweet flower for several hours- … Continue reading Windflower/Desert Anemone with Darcey Blue

Sacred Plant Wisdom from Hawthorn

Its finally here!  The Sacred Plant Wisdom devoted to the magical, heart nourishing, protective Hawthorn Tree! Sacred Plant Journey, Guided Meditation, Journal Questions for deepening your relationship and work with Hawthorn as an ally for emotional and spiritual transformation, music, poetry and more! Here's a short sample from the Recording - Wisdom from Hawthorn  $5.29  - … Continue reading Sacred Plant Wisdom from Hawthorn