Free Video Series from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism

School-Banner-newFrom Sajah Popham -“Today we are faced with the greatest challenge the Earth has seen yet. We must make the choice to either continue our destructive ways and lose all that we hold dear, or make the leap to catapult us into a revolution of tending to and taking care of the health and vitality of our planet.

In order to make that shift move in a positive direction for generations to come, it is vitally important for each and every human being to heal. We must heal not only our physical bodies, but the state of our minds, the feelings in our hearts, deep down to the level of our souls.

For every disease and sickness we face as human beings- whether physical or spiritual- there is a medicinal plant that grows on this Earth. Every culture around the world has turned to the wisdom of the botanical kingdom to not only heal, but to learn as well. They came to the profound truth that plants are not only our healers, but our teachers also- and as the human species has gradually become more disconnected from the Earth, the teachings of the plants are becoming more and more relevant every day.

Evolutionary Herbalism is about harnessing that wisdom of the plants into your every day life, as well as integrating the great traditions of the world that knew how to listen to the Earth, the seasons, and the stars.

It’s about recognizing the true power and potency of plants- that they are not just another form of molecular biological medicine- but that they are intelligent beings connected to the forces of life with healing capacities beyond our logical comprehension. That healing reaches far beyond the body, and into the depths of our hearts, minds, and souls. The medicine of the plants is not only healing, but transformational… evolutionary.

Join me for a glimpse into the new paradigm of plant medicine.”

My friend Sajah Popham, founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, has an amazing 3-part video series where he is sharing some incredible teachings on how herbal medicines can be used to facilitate not just physical healing, but spiritual growth and transformation.

He also shares some great essential keys on what you need to know about plants in order to use them holistically and get out of an allopathic mindset.

Just click this link and enter your name and e-mail address on the page to watch the first video in the 3 part series. 

If you use medicinal plants in any way- whether for yourself, your family, your community, or in a clinical context, you will truly appreciate the unique perspective Sajah shares about plants and herbal medicine.

Sign up for the School of Evolutionary Herbalism’s New Video Series and new Immersion Program!!




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