Activating Women’s Wisdom Community GIVEAWAY


Soulful Rituals to Raise your Vibration, Connect you with your Intuition, Deepen your relationship with Nature, and Awaken the Wisdom in your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

Want to find out more about the community and ritual offerings?  Moon ceremony, Goddess pujas, sacred self care, recipes, meditations and journeys and more!

Join the Community of Sisterhood and Celebration here!

Radha and I are so pleased to be offering a giveaway of TWO SPOTS to Activating Women’s Wisdom!!

One Winner from Instagram will be Drawn on Dec 21!  (See Instagram post for details!)

One Winner from this Blog Post will be drawn on Dec 21!

Enter both drawings to double your chances!

To enter the giveaway on the Blog:

  • Share this post in social media like Facebook.
  • Leave a comment below with a link to your post, and why you would like to join Activating Women’s Wisdom!
  • Sign up to enter the drawing   –  Enter the Giveaway Here 

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23 thoughts on “Activating Women’s Wisdom Community GIVEAWAY

  1. I would be SO thrilled to receive a spot in this amazing circle. I have spent too many years held back by myself and society at large and am ready for a new chapter in my life- one in which I embrace my whole self, and one where I am able to share with a circle of women who love and support one another. Thank you both for offering this work that you do, and for sharing ❤ Hoping I'm sharing this link correctly 🙂!/story.php?story_fbid=977366348991111&id=138807699513651&__tn__=%2As

  2. Lift each other up! Yes. As a social justice sexuality educator, celebrant and sacred circle guide – this course sounds both personally nurturing as well as something that could really enhance and grow my outer work with the community. Thank you for offering this and all that you are doing! Posted on FB and twitter! Peace and justice.

  3. What a beautiful intention! My heart yearns for this kind of community in the physical reality of my life, but for now I know connecting over the ethers is a powerful activation in it’s own right. Some day, Darcy, I hope to sit with you in reverence of a sacred moment we can share in community, in circle, in sisterhood. Thanks for the generous offering!

  4. I am a busy homeschool mom and would LOVE the opportunity to be in such a lovely space. I could deeply use the time to check in, learn, and grow with others. Thank you for providing such inspiration to us all!!!

  5. What a truly Wonderful giveaway. It would be honour to be part of this wonderful course. I believe it’s time to dig deeper into myself. I believe now is the time
    I shared on my fb

  6. This work (and play) is so necessary! It would be an honor to work with you both. Having participated in Darcey’s courses in the past, I understand how important this type of work and community is to me. It is not normally something I can afford to do for myself (added to the fact that I am a new mom, to boot!) I would love to continue my work in this way. Blessings and Gratitude for this offering.

  7. I’ve been on a deep journey with shadow for the last ten years-following the death of my son’s father. I was pregnant and felt so alone. Being resourceful in tough situations had always been one of my largest talents, and suddenly I found myself mentally and spiritually empty. It was so difficult to understand what had gone “wrong”, because I felt that I had been listening to Spirit when I made my choices. Becoming a parent only seemed to magnify sadness and anger that had been dormant within me. Everything I had thought of as my life crumbled. I was forced to change myself. It’s only now that I can see that this too was part of the Journey. (Ironically (or not) I was given a Kali ornament right before all this began) It would be wonderful to have a circle of women to support and encourage us as we transition into a new part of our life together. I am thinking of moving away from my “home” state to explore living in a place closer to our ancestral roots. I feel a deep calling to do this, and have to admit that it is scaring me. What can I say, I like comfort! Arizona is one of the states that is calling me. I so want to be part of this community. I can only imagine so many women desire to be a part of this circle. Best to you on your path. *joy* Moona

  8. Funny, a friend had just told me about this website a couple weeks ago and recommended your classes! I have it on my wish list. She just now told me about this contest and I am so excited to enter!! To make a long life story short, I would like to join, to continue embracing women in general. I had some events happen when I was young and now that I am in my Crone years, I am opening up and working on part trauma. Also, my son has Cancer again (he’s 24 now) and I am looking into learning on using the Earth and natural substances to help him. I try studying herbs and oils in books, and reading more about Shamanic healing. A selfish part of me also would love to win this to keep my mind and life busy learning and practicing this work, meeting new people and keeping my state of mind in light and love and not regret. Blessings to you for offering this contest and best wishes to everyone who is entered! Good luck to all. ❤

  9. I have the gift of using the Earth for healing and have been detoured by numerous life experiences. This opportunity would help me to re-connect with my Soul’s passion and offer it out to the World. I thank you for the consideration.

  10. Darcey’s and Rhada’s classes are amazing and life changing. The learnings are endless. I shared this event with my Facebook group Catching Nature’s Essences. This group is for folks who love to make flower essences. (I learned all about making and using flower essences in one of Darcey’s classes)

  11. Please consider me for the activating women’s wisdom community! After spending the last 23 years as a single mom, raising a son, I am finally on a grand journey to rediscover those parts of myself that I have forgotten or have hidden away because I had to focus on motherhood. I hope this community will help me connect to my inner goddess – she was there……once and I yearn to bring her back to the surface. Thank you for this chance and I hope to be able to work with you. Activating Women’s Wisdom Community GIVEAWAY via shamanaflora Brightest Blessings, wonderful wild women!

  12. I have been a desert lore goddess my whole life without knowing it was a thing! Now that I have resigned from a hough powered corporate carear to stay home with my wee babes (3 and 1, girls), I am learning once again, what I forgot along my way, MYSELF!!!!!

  13. I would like to enter the giveaway for the activating women’s wisdom community! I am resonating with things that bring me deeper and deeper into my true essence of who I really am and living on this beautiful planet, and this resonates as one of those things for me! I shared the link on FB!

  14. Blessings Beautiful Sisters,
    It would be an amazing honor to be a part of this activation! The time for us to fully align with our true selves is now!
    I shared your link on FB. I don’t know how to add a link to it tho!
    I look forward to seeing more of you goddesses!

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