Sacred Ayurveda with Radha

10694195_10204934566223127_8763226288456338142_oRadha Schwaller is both an amazing sister to me, and an amazing practitioner of Ayurveda and has a marvelous and transformative e course coming up this September!!   If you are interested in learning about the time honored traditions of Ayurveda, from a sacred and sweet perspective from a deeply spiritual and vibrant mama, who lives her truth and walks her walk, look no further.   I met Radha when I signed up for this course last fall, and we’ve become fast friends and I’m constantly in awe of the depth of her knowledge and the sweet and gentle way she communicates and shares it.  Sacred Ayurveda is the place to start if you want to dive into Ayurveda as a practice of self care.   -Darcey


Sacred Ayurveda, an online course that delves into the foundations of Ayurveda, the oldest healing modality on the planet, begins September 1st.

This 6 week exploration is very in depth with a printable PDF formatted manual that is well over 150 pages. There are also videos audios and a Facebook group community to accompany.

Utilizing herbal medicine making, organic body care creation, recipes for your daily glow, art therapy, mantra and more!

Register at SACRED AYURVEDAsacred ayurveda

Week 1: Discover Your Elemental Nature
What is Ayurveda?+ the five elements+ Vata+ Pitta+ Kapha+ What is YOUR DOSHA quiz and current Body/Mind state + journaling on balance+ Art Therapy +creation of self love mandala

Week 2: Sacred Time and Space
Exploring the Seasons + Times of Life + Times of Day+ Creating balancing Daily Rituals/Dinacharya + Exploring and doing Snehana/ Loving Hot Oil Therapies + Learning Mantra + Mudra +Using the Neti Pot + Release and Flow Journaling+ Self Love

Week 3: Nourish the Body, Mind and Spirit
Six Tastes +What is High Vibration Food + Creating Sacred Space for best Digestion + Make your own Full Moon Ghee + Detox Tea + How to Build Ojas/Immunity/Glow + Making Kitchari/Healing Soup for detox + Getting Spicy: Making Organic Spice Mixes+ Create an Ayurvedic Menu

Week 4: Slow Beauty: Your Sacred Glow
Exploring your Vibrational Channels and Chakras with Marma Therapy + How to Balance Electromagnetic Frequencies from computers and cell phones+ Create Organic Body Care to open Pranic Channels for more bliss + Making Herb Infused and Aromatherapy Massage Oil + Creating Divine Aromatherapy Essences+ Perform a Marma Facelift on yourself and loved ones

Week 5: Gentle Detoxification for Blissful Living
Why do we need to detox+ 3 essential components of any detox+ Taking Ayurvedic Herbs for detox+ Importance of Agni/Digestive Fire+ Channels of elimination+ Bliss-filled- Easy Detox with no cravings +Learning Oleation/Ghee + Cleansing the Mind+ Sukha/Good Sacred Space

11878937_10207548709575077_1841330378275761634_oWeek 6: Spiritual Abundance
Cultivating your Divine Connection+ How to Enhance your Intuition and the light from your heart center+ Creating your Sacred Spiritual Life to assist in a SUCCESSFUL Material World + Inner Happiness + Bliss Consciousness+ Art Therapy+ Performing a Ceremony to the Divine


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