Renewal! A Journey of Rejuvenation, Recomittment and Reconnection- March 21, 2015

A Journey of Rejuvenation, Recommitment, and Reconnection to Self, Nature, and Spirit.

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Register for the full 12 week program!!  $89 until March 10!


(payment plan available- see below)

Coming on Spring Equinox, March 21, 2015

Renewal!  A Journey of Rejuvenation, Recommitment, and Reconnection to Self, Nature, and Spirit.

This new 12 week online community coaching and and herbal rejuvenation program from Darcey Blue, will explore ways to nourish, tend and rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit through use of whole foods, herbal rejuvenation, joyful movement, connection with nature, spirit and the heart’s deepest calling.  This is not a cleanse or a detox program, though there will be elements of healthy, gentle and safe release of what no longer serves our well being, but rather an opportunity to recommit to wellness, self care, and daily practices of nourishment and personal spirituality in a supportive community, with accountability and celebration.  Each two week module will help you create a heartfelt commitment to yourself in one of our 6 points of connection, and supportive materials including recipes, practices, videos, meditations, suggested reading,  and a community call for discussion and questions for each module. You will also create a relationship with a buddy or small group of accountability partners for extra support and celebration during the program.  You are expected to be self motivated for this program, as you will only get out what you put into it.  You may wish to receive the full program over the 12 weeks, and go slower at your own pace, which is acceptable as well, just know that YOU must show up for yourself in this work.

(Please note this is also not a personalized healing program. all of us come from different places, backgrounds and experience with different body needs.  If you have questions about or need more support for your personal healing needs beyond the general recommendations and practices included in our program, I will be offering discounted coaching/consultation calls for the duration of the course just for participants.)


Nourishment – eating for gentle renewal and reclaiming health

Herbal Rejuvenation – herbal alliances for personal healing and rejuvenation

Nature Wisdom -Meditations/journeys, practices, and simple rituals for connection with nature  

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Movement with Joy- simple, joyful ways to include movement in life (walking, short sprints, dance, yoga, sprouting seed dance, shamanic dance journey)

The Sacred Spirit -Meditations/journeys, practices, and simple rituals for connection with the sacred energy of life and personal spirituality.

Your Heart/Soul Calling – Exploring what your heart desire is really asking for, and finding the next baby steps to move toward the life and calling your heart is yearning for.


Early Bird Registration is $89 for the program until March 10!  Price goes up to $116 after March 10!

If you need a payment plan for the tuition- sign up for 2 – $45 payments until March 10



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