Greet the Day with Gratitude

Morning offerings of gratitude to the land….the sun…the waters…

to the plant allies that walk beside me

to the magic all around, the spirit infused in all things

if we only open our hearts to listen…2014-11-26 08.13.45


2 thoughts on “Greet the Day with Gratitude

  1. Hiya! I have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award because I think your blog is full of awesome goodness. If you would like to accept this blog award, you may find the link here:

    And if you’re not into the whole blog award thing, that’s ok, too. The rules for the award were passed on to me. Please know that I did not nominate you because I expect a follow back. I nominated your blog because I read it regularly and genuinely appreciate your writing and the work you do and wanted to share that with my readers. Thank you!



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