Get your Sparkle On Goddess!

Kristen Taylor is a goddess in the hills of appalachia, bringing her gifts to women all over in this sweet offering- Sparkle Goddess.  Its a like virtual womens circle and coaching group meant to unleash your inner sparkle and wise wild woman within you.  I am so proud to be a contributor to this amazing gathering of goddesses, with a super Special self care and self love clearing ritual using plant medicine as allies and guides.  You don’t want to miss this beautiful offering women, so I’m sharing today the magic thats Sparkle Goddess from a tea house in Asheville, and tomorrow heading up to Sacred Mountain to sit with Kristen and bring you something special at the end of this week!!


Each week, our tribe will be diving into a different aspect of healing ourselves, looking into various ways (some common traps for women) of how we may be separating ourselves from our divine truth that is necessary for living as ecstatic beings. You’ll learn tips, tools and secrets for setting yourself up for success in every way imaginable! To follow along with the group, finish each lesson before the new one arrives and tune into the private forum for discussions and support. You can also travel along at your own speed.


Sparkle Goddess starts today June 25!  So dont waste a single moment  in signing up for a sacred container of women’s power and magic for the next 6 weeks!


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