Drink your Turmeric – Lemonade Style

It started with golden turmeric chai lattes swimming in creamy steamy cups…but, now its 90 degrees, and well, thats just not in my climate friendly repetoire now.  I think turmeric is a wonderful herb that we should be feeling free to use and be creative with, instead of just adding it to our curries.  How can we get a little turmeric every day? Aside from capsules, and tinctures….tumeric lemonadeglass


Liver loving!

Digestion boosting!

GI tract inflammation calming!


I sip a small glass of this stimulating, tasty and inflammation fighting and digestive supporting tea/lemonade most days.

You can also get creative with the basic recipe, adding your own favorites to change things up!

Turmeric Liver Lovin Lemonade

1/2 gallon jar

1/2 gallon hot boiling water

1 lemon, juice squeezed (more if you like it tart)

2 tbsp turmeric powder (you can use fresh roots if you have them, grated, using slightly more)

2 tsp ginger root powder (or fresh root, grated)

a few tablespoons of honey, to taste (i prefer less sweet)

1 c calendula blossoms

1 pinch sea salt

1 pinch chiltepin chile (or cayenne- this is optional if you are not a fan of spicy hot)

1 tsp grated orange zest

turmeric lemonadeMix all the ingredients in a 1/2 gallon canning jar, pour hot water over the mix and stir, let infuse covered overnight.  Strain, and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.  Sip 8-12 oz once or twice a day.

You can serve this warm if you prefer, which is wonderful for a sore throat, and you can add other favorite herbs to the mix, marshmallow, rosemary, schizandra, green tea, lemongrass, black pepper, etc.



And here’s an old (from 2007) blog post about Turmeric from Gaia’s Gifts. 


One thought on “Drink your Turmeric – Lemonade Style

  1. Yeah! So sweet ShamanaFlora;) I actually started doing this a couple days ago after having some very “cold/contracted” side effects after a few days of juicing… my body said “no way” so I started drinking spicy lemonade, and added some turmeric for the extra anti-inflammatory boost!
    Can’t wait to try your recipe tomorrow!

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