Community Plant Medicine Journey Circle


Join Darcey at The Harmony Hut on Friday February 21, 2014 – 6:30 pm for Plant Journey Circle to Anemone!

Gather and learn about the medicine and healing properties of a medicinal plant ally each month! We will learn through our senses, tasting tinctures, elixirs, teas and flower essences, and use shamanic drum journey to access the plant to learn directly! All are welcome, no experience with plants, shamanic journey or herbalism needed!

Suggested Donation : $10-15

February’s Plant ally is Anemone Tuberosa – This special flower only blooms for a short time each spring! Join herbalist Darcey Blue as she shares the medicine of a special spring wildflower of the desert, Windflower, or Anemone tuberosa.

anemone twin

Upcoming Dates: (at 6:30 pm- at the Harmony Hut – 2004 E Spring St, Tucson, AZ)

March 24

April 18

May 23


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