Connecting with Plant Medicines in 2014 begins with opening your heart…

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It is still yet winter, but the spring comes early to the desert and the plants are already beginning to sprout green little tips out of the moist soil, and begin another cycle of growth- flowering, fruiting and seeding. I am so honored that in my journey over the years working with plants as medicines, healers and allies, I have been able to plant seeds of healing and beauty in the world. Each year a small group of apprentices gathers in the desert for a journey into the heart of the plants- their healing, their strength, their songs, and spirits. Each apprentice takes a personal journey of learning and transformation as well. I am so grateful that, like a plant, that receives resources from Earth in which it grows, I have received wisdom, knowledge, and healing from the plants, and now, in flowering and fruiting in my own life, I can plant seeds in the hearts of others- so that the love for the plants, for spirit, and for all of nature, is taken further and further into the world!
Here are the words of Sara, an apprentice in 2013 about the gifts she received in the Sacred Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship:

“I began the apprenticeship to learn how to use plants medicinally; instead I went on a journey of spirit, family and community. I learned that plants can heal without being ingested, but simply energetically, and that the environment we so often take for granted has lessons that can change the world. I didn’t know how to listen before, and I didn’t realize that those intuitions were the plants reaching out, I could not comprehend the messages they were trying to send, but with Darcey’s assistance and gentle guidance I have learned who my allies are in the world and my role among them. I have learned to be an eternal student of mother earth and how to open my heart to the messages of the spirit around us and the power it manifests when you allow yourself to unlearn unhealthy patterns. My experience began wanting to learn natural ways to deal with my anxiety and what I learned was far deeper. I learned the nature of the beast and how to heal by challenging the foundation from which it grew. I would never have been able to accomplish this feat without first building a relationship with my plant allies and secondly, with my cohort of herbal apprentices and mentor.”

And from apprentice Carol:

 “My apprenticeship was in 2013 and it was an awesome experince! I loved being in an outdoor classroom with fellow apprentices and a passionate teacher sharing her in depth knowledge.  Through the camping format we developed relationships with each other, the land and plants. 

We learned so much! For instance, the medicinal value of plants, methods of patient evaluation, how to make tinctures, salves, creams and my personal favorite, flower essences. 
Darcey was available for questions and consultations throughout the apprenticeship.   She gave so much more than just knowledge!  I came out of this with a very solid foundation of plant medicine, camping skills and friends. It was a very unique, special and invaluable experience that I am so grateful to have experienced.”
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If you are yearning for a deep and long term journey with the plants in 2014, I still have a few spots available in the Sacred Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship– in Tucson, AZ. We gather one weekend a month, March- October, to travel to the wild lands of the desert and Sky Island mountain ranges of Arizona, to learn directly from the plants, gather medicines, and foster community and sacred space in our study of the plants and the Earth as teachers, allies, guides and friends.

Join us on a powerful journey with the plants in 2014!

Last year’s apprentices had a magical journey and learned so much about themselves, and the plants. You can check out our pictures, journeys and plants here!

I am accepting applications until Feb 15! Please contact me right away ( to submit your letter of intention and set up an interview (either by phone or in person). Class begins March 7, 2014!!

Learn plant medicine of the southwest and beyond including: 
Medicine making (extensive- tinctures, elixirs, teas, decoctions, electuaries, bathing, medicine bundles,talismans, flower essences )
Wildcrafting & Harvesting
Plant Identification & Botany
Materia Medica
Energetics of Plants & People
Shamanic Journey
Plant Communication
Earth Based Ceremony/Ritual
Nature Perception & Heart Based Awareness
Seasonal Plant Lore and Ceremony
Deep connection and kinship with nature
Self Care for Healers
Nourishment and Nutrition
Rewilding Self & Inner Guidance
Finding your calling, true gifts, working the shadow

For schedule, details and payment plan info visit Sacred Earth Medicine Apprenticeship 2014

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