Honor the Spirit of Corn: Ceremony & Despacho – Nov 9, 2013

Honor the Spirit of Corn: Ceremony & Despacho

Nov 9, 2013 at 4 pm

At The Harmony Hut Healing Arts Collective , 2004 E Spring St

by Donation ($10-20)

Questions and RSVP to Darcey- shamana.flora@gmail.com

Corn Prayer- Tony Abetya

Corn has been a sacred plant ally of American peoples for thousands of years. It provided food, sacred relationship with the divine, and with the land. It was the base of cultures of the southwest especially.

The spirit of Corn has requested to be honored again this year, as we draw closer to the end of harvest season, and

to our day of thanksgiving, we can honor Corn, and its many gifts and teachings again. The ceremony last year was so beautiful, and offerings carried to a sacred place in the Zuni land.

Sadly in our modern culture- the Corn plant has been abused, gentically modified, disrespected, and turned into all sorts of products that are not sacred, life supporting or healthy.

Why this disconnect? Was it an attempt to divorce native cultures from their sacred life? From their food source? From their homelands? How does this effect us today?

This plant is still considered food- but is in no way given the sacred respect it is due. What is your relationship to corn? What would you like to bring back into your relationship with corn? What can you offer to the spirit of corn? How can we heal our relationship with this sacred and important food and plant ally?

corn blueJoin herbalist Darcey Blue to journey to the spirit of the Corn Mother- Life Giver, Sacred Ally, Plant Medicine- and learn what the spirit of Corn wishes to share with us now, in this time, and how we can reclaim our sacred relationship with corn, with the land, and with ourselves. Celia Blackwood will offer a despacho, a beautiful mandala gift creation, to honor & heal the spirit of corn with us.

It is of utmost importance for us resanctify and respect our Sacred Medicine Plants in a new way in the changing times. Corn has much to offer us, and has much to ask of us. Are you willing to work with the spirit of corn to transform our relationship with this sacred plant?

Please bring an item made of or representing corn for our community altar. These should be sacred, respectful and honoring of the Corn Spirit. Foods made of corn, corn meal, corn images are all acceptable. Food items will be placed on the altar to be sanctified by our work, and then consumed at the end of our ceremony.

You may also wish to bring an offering for the Spirit of Corn Mother- that you would be willing to part with. These offerings will be gathered on the Altar during our work together, and then taken to the Earth as an offering to the Spirit of Corn.


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