Flower Power! Coming July 15!!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about flower essences?

 How to work with them on a daily basis for emotional, energetic and spiritual healing?

How to make your own essences from plants growing around you?

Learn to listen directly to the plant energy/spirit to discover how to work with it?

Stock your home apothecary with essences you can use anytime?

Flower Power is your opportunity to do all of that!

Each month you will receive in your mailbox a package that includes two new flower essences from unique plants- handmade and co-created by Darcey Blue and her plant allies, (includes plants of the southwest, rocky mountains, and eastern woodlands) and a third flower/plant surprise – (elixir, salve, bulk dried flowers, seeds etc).

Included every month is a profile of the plant/flower essences included in your box, with indications and qualities.

In addition,  you receive a monthly tutorial on working with flower essences- including how to use them, how to determine which essences you need, how to make them, how to communicate with the plants, and more.

An online community for all members to share their experiences and ask questions about the essences, making essences, experience with the plants and more.

Flower Power is a 6 month membership- beginning July 15- through Dec 15, 2013


REGISTER TODAY!  Membership closes on July 15!!!


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