New Moon Plant Wisdom: Flax- Ease, Connection and Tiny Differences that Add Up

Its a New Moon.  In May- When the world is in flower and blooming.  All the world is burgeoning with new life and sweetness.  The New moon in Taurus this month, accompanied by a solar eclipse is asking us to set some strong intentions in the realms of our physical needs, well being and abundance.  I’ve been -besides being otherwise distracted by my heartache- working very hard on my physical comfort and security- moving into a new home, undertaking some powerful work in community to shift my relationship with money & abundance, and getting clear and specific instructions from spirit on how to better take care of my physical body, especially in nourishing my creative life force energy and my lower chakras.  This month Flax showed up to share with us wisdom about our connections with each other, our communities and the whole web of life.  Every action we take has a response that comes back to us from the universe.  Flax is saying, take care with your words and communication, take care with the threads you spin around you and the people you love- these connections can carry us far and wide, and will serve us deeply and powerfully if we craft the cloth of our lives, our relationships and our community connections with exactly what we wish to see returned to us.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing community of healers, friends, and earth lovers- who are all consciously attending and tending to the cloth we are weaving together, and reminding me, when I get a bit caught up in the webs I spin myself into in my heartache, that the story is what we create of it.  Are you weaving a beautiful tapestry that includes love, abundance, community, spirit and joy?    Are we tuning into the natural flow of abundance and magic that is around us all the time- allowing what comes to us to be received with joy and gratitude- and allowing what needs to flow away to another place, person or situation to go without getting caught up in a spider’s stick web of attachments

Spider is a good ally to work with when focusing on the webs and creations we are spinning in our lives-  to me compounded by the Black Widows that showed up very prominently in my new casita the first week I was moving in.  A reminder. What are you spinning?  What have you caught in your webs?  Are YOU caught in your own web?

Flax also reminds us that even the tiniest of shifts, the tiniest of seeds, can dramatically shift the place where you end up down the road.  A small adjustment of a few degrees will determine weather a boat sailing the Atlantic Ocean will arrive in North or South America.  The same is true of the humble flax-which has provided amazing amounts of fiber, cloth, rope, sails and material for cultures and civilization for thousands of years.  A tiny little seed had big effects on humanity.  So- what is it in your life, that if you make just the smallest of shifts, will change the course you are walking, so that you end up in a more fully realized, joyful and beautiful place in your life.  That tiny shift now, just a few degrees, will take you to a vastly different place down the road.  The choice I make now to deeply care for my heart, my body, my spirit- with simple practices- breath work in the morning- choosing to spend my time with powerful and joyful people who are creating their life instead of staying stuck in old patterns, choosing to say, “Yes, I am hurting deeply, but I do not choose endless suffering, I choose to move forward in beauty.”  Mind you, this isn’t always easy, and I’ve made more a few blunders, especially recently, with emotions roaring strongly within me, but remember that the choice each day, may be small, but it makes a difference down the road.

And always- having compassion and self forgiveness- as we are learning, growing, stretching, falling, picking ourselves back up and moving forward.  I can wish with all my might that I hadn’t made certain choices that felt like mistakes, but I can’t change them.  I can choose to see myself as a young child full of wonder, curiosity  beauty and spirit, with the gentle compassionate eyes of a loving mother, and forgive and have compassion when she trips, falls down and cries out in pain.

May you fill this New Moon with Intention and Well Being in all aspects of your life- and weave the cloth of your life with beauty and spirit.

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3 thoughts on “New Moon Plant Wisdom: Flax- Ease, Connection and Tiny Differences that Add Up

  1. Dear Darcy; I do not know what sadness has come into your life, but even though we do not know each other, I am holding you in a place of love and healing. May all blessing and peace come your way… Ravensara

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