The Medicine and Healing in the South: Shedding the Old Stories

Our lives can be considered a sacred quest. It is a quest which may have begun in this lifetime or many lifetimes before. It is a quest to find ourselves: who and what we really are. To do this we must first cease to pretend to be what we are not. We must cast away our Persona or mask. We must be prepared to confront the Shadow, that which we are and rather were not. Only then can we unify our conscious and unconscious minds and so give birth to the hidden Sun – the Self.
-Vivianne Crowley

Art by Stephen Delamare


One thought on “The Medicine and Healing in the South: Shedding the Old Stories

  1. Yeah,this is one of the most truthful and beautiful posts I’ve read at this point in my life. I’m tired of trying to please the very people who kick you when your down, their not worth it! As for previous lifetimes, all I know is I’ve had some pretty intense dreams that when I wake up,it takes a minute but I’m back to reality. People are cruel, I’m coming to a realization that you have to be kind to yourself FIRST,otherwise,how can you honestly help that other person? I’m not a tree hugger but that painting bringhs so much to life, its gorgeous.adam and eve were born in the garden of eden,hello? Yeah,I’m in a transitional state here and darcy,your amazing, at times like this your post are like a breath of fresh air! Keep em comin.

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