Aphrodite: Manifesting Love Goddess Workshop

I want to share a very special offering from a fellow sister and Earth Lover, Marissa of MoonDaughter.  This is a perfect opportunity to connect with the goddess within you, and cultivate self love through working with the energy of Aphrodite.  Check it out!

Hello everyone! I am Marissa from Moondaughter and I am so excited to share my newest offering to
you! This is the first of a series of workshops I will be creating to work with different Goddesses during
the different seasons and moon phases! For the Spring, we will be working with Aphrodite to manifest


What is my relationship with Aphrodite?

I have had a steady and growing relationship with Aphrodite for about 5 years now. While I was single
and dating, and finding myself stressed and anxious—even desperate for a companion, She kept
popping up in my life. I would see her name everywhere, bees (a totem of Aphrodite) kept following
me around, I would even smell roses out of nowhere, and yet I always resisted Her call. Though I am
a student of Goddess, I did not want to work with Her. I despised roses and couldn’t stand the smell, I
thought She was too cliché, and I felt I was too good to work with Her. In all honesty, I was really harsh
and so narrow minded. And afraid. Somehow one day, I sat down and asked myself what was really up.
And I had an epiphany; Venus represented everything I wanted, but thought I was lacking; sensuality,
beauty, grace, attraction, self-love—I thought it was all so unobtainable. Maybe that was why I wasn’t
having the best luck in the love department. I did not love myself the way I needed to, so Aphrodite was
trying to help me out. Despite my negativity towards Her, She was persistent and patient. So I began to
seek Her and She welcomed me with love and open arms. My heart chakra began to open, healing has
taken place, and I am so much happier than I have ever been. Not just happier, but more content and at
peace with myself, and that is huge for me, the Self-critic queen! I am now in a happy, nourishing, and
very loving relationship with my wonderful man, and I know She helped make this happen. I have been
called to share my connection with the Love Goddess and how She can help women everywhere to love
themselves more and attract the love they want and need.

What will this workshop entail?

This is a four week virtual workshop launching on March 11th, the New Moon. You will receive 3-4 emails
a week giving you guidance on how to work with the Love Goddess through the phases of the Moon.
Each week will focus on a different phase with corresponding activities, meditations, and rituals to
bring yourself closer to your own Inner-Love Goddess. Each lesson builds on one another, as the energy
of each phase builds on one another in a Moon cycle. The live workshop will have a private Facebookvenusaltarpresskit
group for daily support and love from me and other group members, with extra tips, and activities you
can do to deepen your journey. You will receive a pdf of the entire e-course at the end of the workshop.
Once the live workshop is over, the course will still be available to purchase anytime for automatic
download! In a nutshell:

~3-4 emails in your inbox per week focusing on each of the Lunar phases and how to work with the
Goddess through each phase
~Goddess lore
~Lunar wisdom
~meeting your Inner Love Goddess

~rituals to manifest love
~journaling prompts
~love recipes
~a complete ebook at the end to use whenever you want
~Private FB group for a loving community of support

Is this workshop only for Self-love?

Of course not! Though Aphrodite/Venus is the Queen of Self-love, and that is what I will be emphasizing
for myself, She is also the Queen of relationships and universal love. This workshop is designed to help
you manifest any kind of love you want or need. We will create our love intentions during the New
Moon and work to manifest them through the phases. If you want to attract a partner, attract more
dates, or fall in love with yourself, Aphrodite is your go-to Goddess! The activities we will do will embody
all kinds of love and will be adjustable to fit your needs. I cannot promise you a soul mate at the end of 4
weeks, but you will be changed and empowered on your love journey for the better!love grid

What is the price?

The workshop is $40. If you need a payment plan please contact me and I would love to work something

If you feel called, I would love for you to join. Every woman should have the opportunity to meet
their inner love Goddess and build a relationship with Aphrodite. The last day to register is March 8 th!
Register here.

If you have any questions, want to request a payment plan, or just say hi email me at

You are surrounded by love always,

Love and Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter




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