Rituals of Daily Life

Swimming in roses

Morning Tea- always caffeinated.  A little whimsy.  A lot of luscious.  Musky, smoky, flowers and leaves.

I’ve taken a deep love to smoky lapsang souchong tea- and blend it in everything.

Rose loves to swim in a beautiful smokey toasty brew- lapsang, hojicha, toasted cacao, genmaicha.

Sexy hawthorn blossoms add a musky, sexy aroma that inspires sensual musing.

Spices like allspice, clove, cardamom sparkle the brew with surprise and warmth.

Always morning brews.  Sometimes its coffee, with orange peels and roasted acorns, and always a swirl of fresh grated nutmeg and vanilla bean powder.

Wake up to something beautiful. That’s how it should be.  Beholding beauty at the beginning, middle, and end of the day.

Making medicine.   Hawthorn took over my life for the last two weeks.  Interrupting my sleep, taking over my kitchenexperiments.  Cordial, tea, brews,

elixirs.   And cottonwood buds galore-  dripping with their sweet, spicy, yellow resin.  Immersed in oil…healing painful memories with the joy of returning to

familiar landscapes, familiar trees, sand that sparkles with the sun of thousands of desert days!




And the preparation for beautiful souls, apprenticing to the plants, to the land, to their own wisdom and calling to work with the plants. What a gift to be able to share what the plants have taught me over the years, to share the special places, to share the magic that is always there.  A small token to give them as they begin their own journey, and deepen in their own way- but one that will hold so much memory, so much connection, so much that is sacred and whole and beautiful, from the wild earth and all that is wild and sacred within them.  Knowing that it doesn’t truly matter what I SAY to them, or WHERE we go, or WHOM we meet- just that they are there, present, with the plants, with the spirit that will show them where they need to be, and with whom to ally.

I am overwhelmed in gratitude.  Gratitude that I am given so much oppurtunity to bring this into the world as it is today. That my own healing can transform the way the world moves.  That I’m able to do the work to step into this beautiful destiny.

It is all love.  It is all sacred.  Even the tears.  Even the running into the walls.  And the friends who are there to help you pick up your pieces. To see the tears in your eyes.  To celebrate as you move beyond that which has always held you in chains.  To hold the space for you to be you.




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