Personal Ceremonies


Traditionally despacho ceremony is offered as a gift to the land spirits, at the beginning of new endeavors, for rites of passage (birth, death, marriage, coming of age), when asking for something to come into your life, or for offering a blessing of forgiveness or gratitude.

Despachos are created with your prayers and intentions and deep feeling infused into the gifts offered in the despacho, traditionally, grains, fruits, seeds, sweets and candies, in addition I call on the plants as allies for specific intentions, and include flowers, herbs, and medicines in the despacho offering to amplify and empower and bring even more beauty into the ceremonial offering.  After your despacho is created, and infused with prayers and blessings, the offering is burned in a ceremonial fire to offer it up to the wisdom of the universe and spirit.

I will work with you to create a sacred space for a ceremony of blessing, from beginning to end- through the creation of the gift, to the burning of the gift.  Ceremonies generally run 2-3 hours.

Donation between $25-$100  is requested for supplies and the exchange of energy- to be in ayni, corn despachoand in right relationship.  You choose at which level to donate, in accordance with your inner guidance and personal finances.

Ceremonies can be arranged in person, or long distance (with certain stipulations).

Contact me today to create your own personal blessing for the next stage of your journey!


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