Where to find Magic?

photo by Nathalie Parent

Where do you find magic in the every day moments?  Where do you see the miracles that happen in moments?





So many ways I have been intending re-infusing my life- the mundane moments, the every day tasks, the daily self care with what is sacred and magical.











Committing to self care practices that I desperately need- daily movement.  Time with earth- with no agenda- no

harvesting, no teaching, just being.  Being with the magic of the moment, being present to my physical body needs.


Walking. At dusk.  Laying in the sand.  Listening to water rushing over rocks.


Watching friends fall together in sweetness.  Feeling the



dance of orange green budding willow branches in the wind.  Breathing in the magic of plant allies in the dark.

What secrets do they reveal when the details of vision are obscured in the dark?



Snow falling in the desert.

Ocotillo Grandmother dancing in the wind at dusk.





That is my daily magic.IMG_1080




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