A place to belong

when I moved here, I came on pure faith, and left behind a whole life story.  

This place has asked me to be here, and more present, than most other places. Maybe because it is new, or because of its nature. Because of the mountain… Or the volcano asleep beneath us. 

There is medicine a plenty. But more often these plants are just my friends that I walk to visit with. I thought I was done letting go of old stories and structures, but it seems as if the newness and this land and my heart might still need to let go of more. And then who will I be?  Anything. Anyone. Nothing. Everything.


Women’s Nature Ways, featuring Jane Valencia

2015-06-18 10.56.53-1From Jane Valencia, a long time student and customer, and a fellow nature loving sister!!  She’s a super talented woman, muscian, herbalist, and teacher herself .   I love her new program Women’s Nature Ways!!!    You will want to check it out!

“First off, let me say that I’ve thought you were awesome ever since I met you and your banjo at the Traditions In Western Herbalism conference at Mormon Lake, AZ, a few years ago! I took your Tree Medicine workshop, bought a tin of your lovely Masala Rose Chai, and that seemed to pretty much sum up in a nutshell what I’ve enjoyed about your teachings: You meet students where they are — be they beginner or experienced. And you  offer and embody wise plant ways that are as beautiful, richly-spiced, yet as simply delicious as the chai. Even via online and ecourse — you’ve proven to be a caring, perceptive, insightful, knowledgeable guide into the sacred, welcoming, generous world of the plants.

As a student in all your ecourses, I credit the Shamana Flora course with helping me truly grasp — and commit to daily practice — working with grounding and boundaries. So essential in healing work! Ditto, to including intention when working with plants. This course also led me to really source the many ways of experiencing and getting to know a plant: through experiencing it in myriad physical and spiritual ways, and tracking my own responses and impressions, in all levels of my being. Work in such a spectrum of experiences and responses gave me a sound foundation for truly committing to this path. You offer so many beautiful practices and wise words that I return again and again to this course for inspiration and techniques for refining my plant spirit ways practice and taking it the next level. No question — you walk the plant spirit way, and I feel so very blessed to have you as one of my teachers!

My newest project and offering, created with somatic movement educator/therapist and nature educator, Stacey Hinden, is Women’s Nature Ways, a year-long transformational journey of quarterly retreats for women. In these retreats, held on beautiful Vashon Island in Washington, we’ll learn practices for awakening connection with bodymind intelligence and plant spirit. We’ll slow down and explore both in the studio and out in the land — moving, communing, wild-crafting, creating, cooking, visioning, and tapping into the wellspring of our most grounded, loving, powerfully-attuned selves.

I’m particularly excited to explore bodymind intelligence in relationship to communicating with the plants, as I feel that the more fluent we become in the language of our own inner ecology(our bodies and bodymind) the more precise and creative we can be in working with our green allies — both as medicine for body and soul for ourselves, for offering plant support to others, and in co-creating with the plant spirits themselves!

To read our blog or find out more about Women’s Nature Ways, please visit our website:womensnatureways.com

Yours from the greenwood,


Sacred Ayurveda with Radha

10694195_10204934566223127_8763226288456338142_oRadha Schwaller is both an amazing sister to me, and an amazing practitioner of Ayurveda and has a marvelous and transformative e course coming up this September!!   If you are interested in learning about the time honored traditions of Ayurveda, from a sacred and sweet perspective from a deeply spiritual and vibrant mama, who lives her truth and walks her walk, look no further.   I met Radha when I signed up for this course last fall, and we’ve become fast friends and I’m constantly in awe of the depth of her knowledge and the sweet and gentle way she communicates and shares it.  Sacred Ayurveda is the place to start if you want to dive into Ayurveda as a practice of self care.   -Darcey


Sacred Ayurveda, an online course that delves into the foundations of Ayurveda, the oldest healing modality on the planet, begins September 1st.

This 6 week exploration is very in depth with a printable PDF formatted manual that is well over 150 pages. There are also videos audios and a Facebook group community to accompany.

Utilizing herbal medicine making, organic body care creation, recipes for your daily glow, art therapy, mantra and more!

Register at SACRED AYURVEDAsacred ayurveda

Week 1: Discover Your Elemental Nature
What is Ayurveda?+ the five elements+ Vata+ Pitta+ Kapha+ What is YOUR DOSHA quiz and current Body/Mind state + journaling on balance+ Art Therapy +creation of self love mandala

Week 2: Sacred Time and Space
Exploring the Seasons + Times of Life + Times of Day+ Creating balancing Daily Rituals/Dinacharya + Exploring and doing Snehana/ Loving Hot Oil Therapies + Learning Mantra + Mudra +Using the Neti Pot + Release and Flow Journaling+ Self Love

Week 3: Nourish the Body, Mind and Spirit
Six Tastes +What is High Vibration Food + Creating Sacred Space for best Digestion + Make your own Full Moon Ghee + Detox Tea + How to Build Ojas/Immunity/Glow + Making Kitchari/Healing Soup for detox + Getting Spicy: Making Organic Spice Mixes+ Create an Ayurvedic Menu

Week 4: Slow Beauty: Your Sacred Glow
Exploring your Vibrational Channels and Chakras with Marma Therapy + How to Balance Electromagnetic Frequencies from computers and cell phones+ Create Organic Body Care to open Pranic Channels for more bliss + Making Herb Infused and Aromatherapy Massage Oil + Creating Divine Aromatherapy Essences+ Perform a Marma Facelift on yourself and loved ones

Week 5: Gentle Detoxification for Blissful Living
Why do we need to detox+ 3 essential components of any detox+ Taking Ayurvedic Herbs for detox+ Importance of Agni/Digestive Fire+ Channels of elimination+ Bliss-filled- Easy Detox with no cravings +Learning Oleation/Ghee + Cleansing the Mind+ Sukha/Good Sacred Space

11878937_10207548709575077_1841330378275761634_oWeek 6: Spiritual Abundance
Cultivating your Divine Connection+ How to Enhance your Intuition and the light from your heart center+ Creating your Sacred Spiritual Life to assist in a SUCCESSFUL Material World + Inner Happiness + Bliss Consciousness+ Art Therapy+ Performing a Ceremony to the Divine

Grief as Sacred – Robin’s Egg Blue Corn Essence

The autumn winds are blowing, everyday now, I can feel the shift in the air, the rains are all but gone for the summer.  Something like autumn is coming. Even the wind has a coolness to it that it didn’t have all summer.

Change is coming.

I’ve been falling in LOVE with my corn and my pumpkins all summer long.   Its the first time I have had the space for a real three sisters garden of squash, corn and beans, and last winter, I gathered up seeds traditionally grown by the peoples of this area, to plant in my summer gardens.  This Maiz, Robin’s Egg Blue- is speckled white and blue, and according to the Native Seeds/SEARCH website , this corn was traditionally planted as a prayer for rain.  I’ve been watching it grow ever so slowly all summer, its short stalks deceiving me, but whispering in my heart every morning and evening as it sang in the winds.  Now its all full of tassel and silk, flowering in the fullness of summer, just in time to set seeds for the autumn season.  I have a special love for corn, the spirit of which has become one of my sweetest and strongest plant allies, teaching me about abundance and rootedness, and nourishment and sweetness.  She’s a community plant, deeply connected with humanity since its creation by ancient farmers selection.  Without us, corn does not flourish, without corn, where would we be?  Our society’s messed up relationship with corn is something I’ve talked about before and will again at some point.

But, this corn, that I planted from seed, buried with offerings of tobacco and prayers, held in my mesa medicine bundle for months before planting, she was whispering to me.  So I went down with my intern Laurel to make this spirit essence from the corn tassels and silks emerging from each and every stalk planted in the 13 depressions in the cinder soil.

Inviting the spirits and ancestors of this land, the spirit of the corn, and the earth and the sun, who’s love each day makes possible the growth of every plant child, we gently added bits of silk and pollen laden tassel to the bowl of water, made offerings of spirit waters, and allowed the essence of Robins Egg Blue Corn to emerge.
  And when it was complete, we each tasted the Mother Essence.  Corn essence in general is known to be grounding and helps us to connect with the Earth and her energy, and I have always felt corn to be closely tied with the waters/water element in the environment and within us, as it is a good medicine for the kidney and urinary organs, soothing, moistening, and nourishing.  It teaches us about nourishment, self nourishment, and where we derive nourishment.  How are we feeding ourselves, from what sources, and how are we in relationship with that which nourishes us- be it food, friendship, partnership, nature, or Spirit.  But this corn, this mother maiz, I took a few drops, and was instantly transported to a land of red rocks, red mud, and rain splatter mud puddles, and this deep sense of grief, and loss, and heartache.  And it was not my OWN, from my own wounds, but this grief of all mothers, and the grief of people who are watching the desecration, abuse and mistreatment of our MOTHER EARTH body.  Tears filled my eyes.  So many of us watch in horror and sadness as our people continue to harm our pachamama, and subsequently, the abuse and control and mistreatment of  MOTHERS in our culture.  This is heavy grief, This is deep grief.  This is the kind of grief that can ONLY be grounded in something bigger than us.  The EARTH excels at taking our heavy energy, our refuse, our grief, and transforming it, transmuting it, composting it, so that in the following seasons of our lives, we may have a rich and fertile soil from which to grow new flowers, corn and communities.  This essence to me, feels as if it is the essence for helping us to release that great grief we carry, over the desecration of the Earth body and Mother bodies,  this rain, like tears, is ultimately cleansing, it is sweet release, the rain, the tears, our grief, and acknowledgment and expression of it, can feed, water, and cleanse the soil of our souls, and of the Earth.  Speaking in metaphor and poetry here ,its hard to express in clear English words, the images, feelings and knowings that flashed into my awareness with just a few drops of the essence, and in just a few moments, but I do think this is a medicine for our times.  Expressing and acknowledging our grief, and allowing the sacredness of release and cleansing through tears, and deepening our ability to resonate and ground and let the Earth both hold us, and teach us about resilience and strength, and give us that deeply rooted place from which to act in the world to effect change- be it for the Earth herself, or the mothers and children, our communities, or just our own processes of grief and transformation.

Get the essence of Robins Egg Blue Corn here!IMG_9575-0

This is a new essence, and I would so value and appreciate hearing about any feedback, experiences or insights you have while working with this essence.

Find Center

Find your center. Cosco. Manipura. Third Chakra. The place of right action. Nourish and tend that inner fire of creation, abundance, fertility and gut knowing/intuition.


Plant Spirit Essences for the Center


Pumpkin essence is a strong presence, and is full, vigourous and downright sexy at times, be prepared to get in touch with your juiciest, creative forces and abundance from within.  Balance of masculine and feminine energy. Abundance. Nourishment. Follow through.   Fertility and abundance, the pure abundance of the Earth.  We are deeply loved, cared and provided for, by her endless abundance, and we are also always giving back, by our very breath that feeds the green beings.  Pumpkin essence is also about resilience, strength of character and determination, and taking up your space fully.  No need to shy or stay small.  Be big, brilliant and abundant, and you will be able to share your abundant resources and gifts with others in turn.


Calendula Spirit Essence/Flower Essence can be used to help us strengthen and empower our connection with compassion and courage in communication, especially with others in our life, co-workers, partners, lovers, friends.  In order to communicate from a place of balance and empowerment, rather than our wounds or traumas (which can and often do get imprinted into our chakras and emotional body), we need to make a connection between our balanced inner wisdom, healthy boundaries and a strong sense of self, and our compassion and courage to speak truth to ourselves and others.  If you find compassionate communication and feeling empowered to communicate your truth challenging, calling on Calendula Spirit essence can be a helpful ally.


The ability to think, reason, and gather strength from our roots, stregthens higher will and to allow spiritual guidance to flow to us, assert ourselves physically in the world with optimism and direction. Restores youthfulness and innocence, fun, play, pleasure, reawakening inner child, connects us with the source/sun and its love, and helps us to express our inner sun creative gifts.  When feeling bogged down by what others thinks of us, lack of self esteem, out of touch with child self, lack of strength, warmth and compassion for self or others.  – From “the Healing Power of Flowers,” Rhonda Pallas Downey