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School-Banner-newFrom Sajah Popham -“Today we are faced with the greatest challenge the Earth has seen yet. We must make the choice to either continue our destructive ways and lose all that we hold dear, or make the leap to catapult us into a revolution of tending to and taking care of the health and vitality of our planet.

In order to make that shift move in a positive direction for generations to come, it is vitally important for each and every human being to heal. We must heal not only our physical bodies, but the state of our minds, the feelings in our hearts, deep down to the level of our souls.

For every disease and sickness we face as human beings- whether physical or spiritual- there is a medicinal plant that grows on this Earth. Every culture around the world has turned to the wisdom of the botanical kingdom to not only heal, but to learn as well. They came to the profound truth that plants are not only our healers, but our teachers also- and as the human species has gradually become more disconnected from the Earth, the teachings of the plants are becoming more and more relevant every day.

Evolutionary Herbalism is about harnessing that wisdom of the plants into your every day life, as well as integrating the great traditions of the world that knew how to listen to the Earth, the seasons, and the stars.

It’s about recognizing the true power and potency of plants- that they are not just another form of molecular biological medicine- but that they are intelligent beings connected to the forces of life with healing capacities beyond our logical comprehension. That healing reaches far beyond the body, and into the depths of our hearts, minds, and souls. The medicine of the plants is not only healing, but transformational… evolutionary.

Join me for a glimpse into the new paradigm of plant medicine.”

My friend Sajah Popham, founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, has an amazing 3-part video series where he is sharing some incredible teachings on how herbal medicines can be used to facilitate not just physical healing, but spiritual growth and transformation.

He also shares some great essential keys on what you need to know about plants in order to use them holistically and get out of an allopathic mindset.

Just click this link and enter your name and e-mail address on the page to watch the first video in the 3 part series. 

If you use medicinal plants in any way- whether for yourself, your family, your community, or in a clinical context, you will truly appreciate the unique perspective Sajah shares about plants and herbal medicine.

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The Everyday Sacred E-Workbook

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28 daily Rituals & Plant Wisdom to Invoke the Sacred in your Every Day.
Previously offered as a mini e-course with Darcey Blue, is now available as a beautiful E-Book for you to work through each daily ritual prompt at your own speed. Take a week to meditate and connect with the fire element, or several days to anoint with your sacred flower essence and healing affirmation.

Each prompt is designed to be done in less than 20 minutes (with a few exceptions for ceremonies for the new and full moons), and is easy to incorporate into your daily routines.

Each days prompt comes with a workbook/journal page for you to use to deepen and affirm your work, and record your notes and experiences.

Scheduled to Release in Early March

Reserve your PDF Copy Now!  Delivered to your email as a PDF download upon RELEASE in March.

Pre-Order Sale – $25.00/ $19.99

20% off when Ordered before the official Release Date




  • Meditations with the Elements- Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  • Plant Journey Meditations with Seeds, Roots, Flowers 
  • Love Letters, Offerings, Mandalas & Healing Cauldron
  • Intentional and Sacred work w/ Tinctures, Teas, Flower Essences & Essential Oils
  • New and Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Intention, Honoring, Releasing, Protection
  • and more!



Winners of the Activating Women’s Wisdom Giveaway

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We are so excited to announce the winners of the Giveaway!!  One blessed woman from the instagram contest, and one from the blog posts!!

Today we are honored to invite and include @theherbanwomban  from the Instagram drawing, and  Kai Morrison from the Blog giveaway!!!   Welcome Ladies to the circle!!!   Please get in touch with us right away to get your registration completed!!!

 happy solstice!!

Activating Women’s Wisdom Community GIVEAWAY


Soulful Rituals to Raise your Vibration, Connect you with your Intuition, Deepen your relationship with Nature, and Awaken the Wisdom in your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

Want to find out more about the community and ritual offerings?  Moon ceremony, Goddess pujas, sacred self care, recipes, meditations and journeys and more!

Join the Community of Sisterhood and Celebration here!

Radha and I are so pleased to be offering a giveaway of TWO SPOTS to Activating Women’s Wisdom!!

One Winner from Instagram will be Drawn on Dec 21!  (See Instagram post for details!)

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Enter both drawings to double your chances!

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Holidaze Sale

Turns out every year the holidays turn into the Holidaze for me.  Help celebrate the daze with a sale!

Last chance for shipping in 2015 ends on DECEMBER 14!!

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Sacred Body, Sacred Heart, Sacred Soul

As women we are innately connected to the rhythms of the moon cycles, the deep wisdom of the Earth, our native intuition, and our feeling/sensing heart.  But as we all have probably experienced, life sometimes throws us off track, or off kilter, and we find ourselves swimming in the dark.

What practices and tools do you use to shine a light in that place to11216813_10152982595762099_1949758264718748073_n helpyou find your way back to your center of innate wisdom and connection with the world around you?

Radha of Samadhi Ayurveda and myself have joined hearts and souls to bring you a community of ceremony, rituals, practices, meditations, self care recipes and celebrations of being a woman and the tools WE each have used over our years of working as healing practitioners to gently bring ourselves back to center be through connection to our body and nourishment, connection to nature through ceremony, moon honoring rituals, meditation and journey work to connect with our inner peace and sources of wisdom.

Join us or find out more at Activating Women’s Wisdom

We are both so excited to share what have been truly gifts for us in our journey, with you, and a sweet and special soulful community of sisterhood this January through May!

It comes at a perfect time, the new year, a time when making an intention and setting up practices and self care are paramount.  Rather than resolving to loose 20 lbs,  we can create intention, space, and community around supporting our well being, body, heart and soul!!

Here’s a preview of the course offerings :
Sacred Body

  • Expressive Yogic Dance: Opening your energy to the Divine Flow
  • Sacred Wild Embodiment: The Presence of our Body in Nature
  • A Guided Journey to our
    Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 4.40.07 PM
    photo by Kiera Lillesve Foto

    Inner Warrior and Wisdom Center of the Hara/Belly  

  • Plant Wisdom from Stinging Nettle: Presence and Nourishment from the Earth Body
  • Recipes:Body Restorative Herbal Brew, Ayurvedic Meal &B liss Giving Chai Tea
  • New Moon Sadhana: Abhyanga: The Art of Self Love and Nurturing
  • Full Moon Sadhana: Sacred Bathing with High Vibration Bath Potion
  • Ceremony for the Goddess Lakshmi for Abundance of Health, Prosperity and Radiance
Connect with and nourish your body! Join the Activating Women’s Wisdom community!

Sacred Heart

  • The Heart Lotus Mantra; allowing your Truth to Bloom w/ Heart Chakra Energy Healing TherapyIMG_2457
  • Heart to Heart with Nature : Heart Field Connection
  • A Guided Journey to our Inner Healer and the Wisdom Center of the Heart
  • Plant Wisdom from Hawthorn Tree: Transformative Heart Healing and Protection
  • Recipes:Hawthorn Heart Syrup, Ayurvedic Nurturing Spiced Milk
  • New Moon Sadhana: Sacred Seeds Ritual for Growing your Hearts Desires
  • Full Moon Sadhana: Our Lives as Sacred Myth: Transforming The Telling of our Story as Medicine
  • Ceremony for the Goddesses Sita and Kwan Yin for Compassion, Unconditional love and Receiving love.
Tend and listen more deeply to your wise and feeling heart joining the Activating Women’s Wisdom community.  

Sacred Soul/Spirit

  • Accessing Your Inherent Intelligence through Divination

    photo by Kiera Lillesve Photo
  • Sacred Reciprocity:Offerings to Nature
  • A Guided Journey to our Inner Visionary
  • Plant Wisdom from Sage: Aligning with and Holding our Spiritual Truth
  • Recipe: Sage Smudging Blend
  • New Moon Sadhana: Goddess Yantra Creation and Meditation
  • Full Moon Sadhana: Creating a Full Moon Soma Flower Essence to Awaken your Pure Vibration
  • Ceremony for Connecting to the Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari for Embodied Spiritual Bliss, Crown Chakra Activation and Balancing Worldly Enjoyment & Spiritual Bliss
Connect deeply with your soul and spiritual guidance system in  Activating Women’s Wisdom


Its super easy to join us, and Early Registration is open until Dec 10!!  With your registration you also get a freebie course!!  We also have a payment plan for you as well!!!   Stay tuned for a giveaway of some spots in the program after Dec 10!!  

Register and find out more at Activating Women’s Wisdom

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No Cook Elderberry Syrup

2014-09-06 13.09.45My favorite elder syrup includes the berries and flowers, plus stimulating, warming spices to improve absorption and circulation.  I prefer not to overcook my elderberries by boiling for extended periods of time, and have found that excessive cooking weakens the potency of theelderberry medicine.  This syrup uses a strong 1:2 infusion of the herbs, which is preserved with honey and alcohol.  This syrup is delicious and strong medicine for the cold and flu season for the whole family!  I have also found elderberry preparations to be an excellent ally for shingles, chicken pox, and other herpes viruses.  Take 1-3 tsp per day all season long, or 1/2 tsp hourly in acute illness. 

1 cup dried elderberries2014-09-06 12.59.38

1/2 cup dried elderflowers

2 tbsp ginger chips

1 tbsp cinnamon chips

16 oz water

4oz vodka or brandy

1 lemon, juice

16 oz honey or sugar


1. Mix all the dried herbs together in a jar.

2. Pour 16 oz boiling water over the herbs, and 4 oz of vodka or brandy

3. cap and let infuse 8 hours or overnight.

4. In a muslin, jelly bag, or cheesecloth strain the herbs from the liquid.  Squeeze gently to get as much fluid from the herbs as possible.

2014-09-06 12.51.15-15. Add the juice of 1 lemon.

6. Measure out exactly how much liquid you have in a glass measuring cup.

7. Add an equal amount of raw honey or sugar to the liquid.  Mix well until sugar dissolves.

8. Bottle and store. It will keep best under refrigeration.  If you wish to keep this in the pantry, you will want to use more alcohol in step 2 (8 oz of 50% vodka) to preserve.