Salty kefir lassi with fresh herbs, lemon and chile


I’ve never been much for exceedingly sweet breakfast, even smoothies with lots of fruit can overdo me. This summer, on urgings from my body, I’ve been making a lighter, probiotic breakfast of kefir I’ve been making at home. Sometimes I add a little fruit, plus herbs and spices, sometimes cucumbers and other veggies, tomorrow I may put cold carrot ginger soup in my kefir. And today, in the mood for something salty, light and with a kick… I made this one. Give it a whirl, your belly may thank you.

Salty kefir lassi with herbs, lemon and chile
A large handful of favorite fresh and savory garden herbs- chives, rosemary, tagetes, calendula flowers, basil, sage are good, even mint or lemon verbena! And arugala for an extra kick!

1/2 lemon juiced

2 chiltepin chiles, or other as you desire. My garden is producing chiltepins.

1/2 tsp sea salt

1.5 c plain milk kefir

Blend all the ingredients in the blender. Pour into a big mug. Sip slowly on the porch watching the garden wake up and the sun kiss all the land with warm love.

Fire Cider and Elderberry Medicine Making Workshop- Oct 22

elderberry1October 22 2014

6-9 pm

At the Harmony Hut, 2004 E Spring St, Tucson, AZ

$35 includes all supplies!!!

Learn to make your very own cold and flu fighting winter remedies with common kitchen herbs, spices and berries!! Fire Cider- is a long loved and well trusted remedy to stay well and get well all winter long- and its delicious! Think of garlic, ginger, horseradish, vinegar! And Elderberries are one of our safest and most potent virus fighting herbal medicines that are easy and safe to use by all ages. Join Darcey Blue , herbalist, at The Harmony Hut to make your own jars of fire cider, and elderberry medicine to keep you healthy and happy all winter long!! Class includes all the supplies you need to make both remedies! Your health is YOUR hands this winter with these powerful herbal remedies in your pantry!

ChoppedBigCost : $35, prepayment to HOLD your spot.
Class limited to 10 people

Prepay and register here:

You MUST rsvp to ensure that you will have supplies!


Burnin up- dancing with fire

Last night I tried fire hooping for the first time. Nothing like a swirling vortex of fire around your face to put things like anger, betrayal, power and transformation in perspective. If u can dance in the fire- you can dance with anger, and find your power in the alliance with flames. So I’m going back for more fire power dance magic. Fuck you… It’s MAGIC !




How do you make a magical life?

One transformation at a time… one baby step after baby step, then a few mighty leaps of faith.  Lots of prayer, lots of ceremony, asking for help, and lots of self awareness and diving deep into your personal healing.  Facing those deepest darkest demons.

Living from your hearts deepest desires- don’t waver from your deep stirrings and dreams- shed, shed and shed some more whatever doesn’t bring you closer to your spirit’s calling.  No matter if it hurts.  Because it will hurt some, and sometimes a lot.   Feel it, feel it deeply, don’t numb it, feel it free.


Confront your fear. Tremble, quake, cry and then face it head on.  Seek those experiences which make you quail a little…because often that which you fear most is what you most need. And do it again. And again, because practice makes perfect.  Your fear can free you.

Surround yourself with those who believe, who are transforming too, who see and dream of a positive and beautiful new world, who cry with you, and laugh with you, and create with you. And who kick your fearful, staying small ass a little when you need it.

And knowing, that you transform one facet at a time. A diamond isn’t formed in a day, it is subject to eons of pressure, heat and transformation.  So you find you heal and transform one place, and inside you find another place of stuck, of scared, of anger and smallness and lack of faith.

And you start all over again.flamestransform

Imagine a world of all of us catterpillars turned butterflies, phoenixes rising from ashes, carbon of the dead self transformed into diamonds, veins of beautiful crystals spewed from the most violent of volcanic magma eruptions.

I have transformed, and I hit a wall.  Loss of faith, and the daily reminder that faith is not lost, faith is built, one tiny transformation at a time. Time to shed, time to dismantle another outdated structure of belief in this lifetime.  Time to cry and grieve that loss too. Let it go, and believe as you have before, that there is light beyond that wall you have smashed yourself into one too many times.

Make magic. Again and again. We make magic every day, in every breath, in every choice, in every thought.

Thank you thank you thank you.

That is all I have. Thank you again and again. For teaching me. For showing me. Thank you.


Winners of the Chakra Plant Medicine Course Giveaway!

cropped-cropped-btb_background_fade-med.jpgSo excited to announce the winners for the giveaway of two free spots to the Chakra Plant Wisdom course!!

Christina Grossman  and Crystal Murphy!!  Please get me your preferred e mail address for receiving class info asap. <3


Big HUGE thanks to all who participated and shared the giveaway info!!

chakra classbutton.jpg


Remember to sign up for the course by tomorrow at midnight for the tuition discount, and if you need a payment plan you must arrange that with me tomorrow to get in under the deadline!

thank you friends for making my world go round!!!