1. Arrive in Cusco in the morning on the 4th, or meet us if you have arrived early, to transfer to the Sacred Valley,  and explore the town and market of Pisaq.
  1. We will visit the Temple of the Falcon, and take the bus to the sacred site of Pisaq, high above the current village, on the steep terraced slopes, to share in an opening ceremony (coca hallpay)  with our Qero medicine people.  

  3. Today we will explore the site of Uno Urco, and travel to the village of Ollantaytambo where we will set up our camp on private land, and hold a traditional fire ceremony with the Qero Pacos/medicine people.

IMG_49824.- At our private camp in Ollantaytambo, we will spend the day learning from Peruvian herbalists and medicine people about the local plants and how they are used in their communities.

5.- We will spend the morning exploring the magnificent ruins at Ollantaytambo ( be prepared IMG_0880to climb!) and the Temple of the Winds.  The afternoon is free to explore the village and market of Ollantaytambo.

6.   After leaving  our camp, we will take the train to the village of Aguas Calientes, and our hotel.  In the afternoon we will take a hike to the sacred river, Rio Urubamba, for ceremony and sacred bathing and purification.

7.- We take the sunrise bus up the steep canyon walls to the site of Machu  Picchu for the day,  to visit the sacred astronomical observatory,
and learn about the power places on site, the Temple of the Moon,IMG_4756 Intihuatana (Hitching Post of the Sun), and the mountain spirit Huayna Picchu.   We return by train to Ollantaytambo to our camp for the night.   

  1.  We return to the city of Cusco by bus, and will stop at the Temple of  ñustas  Maras Moray for ceremony with our Qero Paqos/medicine
    people.  A brief stop in the village of Chincheros, renowned for its textiles and skilled weavers, and learn about the plants used for dyeing alpaca wool in the weavings.    Hotel for the evening.  

IMG_49989.- From Cusco we will spend the day visiting the urban sacred sites of Sacsaywuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara, and Tambomachay.  Evening in the hotel.

10.- Free day in the city of Cusco, one of the most spectacular destinations of the Andes, blending ancient Inca and pre-Inca stone work and architecture, colonial buildings, and modern amenities.  It is said you can experience the heartbeat of the Pachamama in Cusco. (Cusco means ‘center” and was a political an spiritual center for the Andean peoples.   A good day to visit the Chocomuseo  (dedicated to the Cacao plant and chocolate production, the Museo del Arte Precolombiano (Pre- Colombian Art) , Museo de Plantas Sagradas, Magicas y Medicinales (Sacred, Magical and Medicinal Plants), the Coca plant museum, or the Qorikancha- the Temple of the Sun (the catholic church built on the foundational stone walls of a sacred Inca temple) or one of the many markets and stores selling traditional peruvian goods, foods, textiles and art.


 11.  Lake Titicaca: Early in the morning we will go to Lake Titicaca by the first class bus. This bus ride  offers breathtaking views of the Andean highlands, with herds of wild vicunas and alpacas. We will spend the afternoon at the lake, and stay in our hotel in Puno for the evening.

 12.  Lake Titicaca.:  Early morning we visit the floating reed islands of Uros, and on to the island of Amantani, where we will spend the night as guests in the homes of the villagers of Amantani.


13. Today we will participate in ancient ceremonies of the pre-incan culture, with a focus on the balance of the masculine and feminine energies.  We celebrate with the village through the afternoon and evening, staying another night with our hosts in the village.

14.  From Amantani we travel across the mystic and ancient Lago Titicaca, and then spend a free afternoon exploring Puno and the evening in a hotel.       

15. – On our last day we will visit the Temple of Fertility and the Amaru Muro Gate for our last ceremony.  

 16.-From Juliaca airport (we will transport you) take a return flight to Lima, to connect to your international flight home the US

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