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I’m so excited to be offering the Sacred Plant Wisdom Newsletter! This series is a monthly subscription devoted to the Wisdom that comes from the Plants and helping you find ways to connect with and learn from these plants in a Sacred Way.

spw button sm Each newsletter focuses on one plant, which has offered to me its desire to be included in this work.     Each volume presents information about what this plant wants to share and teach us at this time through recipes, poetry, art, MP3 recordings , meditations and journey, in addition to journaling exercises designed to help you get the most out of the wisdom each plant is sharing and than applying it to your own life.

The volumes include medicinal uses, but will not primarily focus on the physical medicines, instead focusing on the deeper relationship and sacred medicine that the plant can offer us as teacher, wisdom keeper and guide. Also includes flower essences, energetic and emotional teachings, practices, deep spirit healing and connection with the land.

Each volume of the newsletter is available for individual purchase as it is released, or as a subscription, automatically delivered to your email box as a PDF file.

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Sacred Plant Wisdom Volumes 1-12

All 12 volumes of Sacred Plant Wisdom in this one interactive PDF downloaded right to your computer. Each Volume contains a mix of MP3’s, Recipes, Guided Meditations, Journeys and Journal prompts, Music, Poetry and more for deepening your relationship and working with each of these Sacred plants!

Descriptions about each individual volume can be found below.


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Individual Volumes also available …

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Volume 1: Sacred Corn Mother

Learn and deepen your relationship with this Sacred Plant through Journey,meditation, Journal prompts, mp3’s and more!

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Volume 2: Wisdom From Hawthorn- Faery Guardian

This volume of Sacred Plant Wisdom Newsletter is devoted to the magical, heart nourishing, protective Hawthorn Tree and includes Sacred Plant Journey, Guided Meditation, Journal Questions for deepening your relationship and work with Hawthorn as an ally for emotional and spiritual transformation, music, poetry and more!


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Volume 3: Wisdom from Olive – Ancient Rhythms

This volume of Sacred Plant Wisdom is devoted to the olive tree. An ancient tree with deep significance in many of the worlds spiritual and religious traditions, and with wisdom for us today that urges us to connect with our own rhythms and cycles, the cycles of nature, the ancient wisdom that comes from our ancestors, and the energy of the divine feminine and movement.

If you work with Olive leaves as a medicine, or the essence of olive tree, you will certainly want to dive into this issue which helps us connect more deeply with the spiritual and emotional medicine of this ancient healing medicine tree.


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Volume 4: Wisdom from Sage Brush – Spiritual Alignment and Cleansing

This volume helps you connect deeply and more fully with Sage Brush – an ally for spiritual alignment and cleansing. This PDF  includes recipes, mp3 recordings, discussions, journey tracks, guided meditations, journal questions and more!


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Volume 5: Wisdom from Calendula – Warmth, Joy and the Third Chakra

This sunny plant ally shines like a sun – shares warmth, joy, abundance and a healing energy and wisdom for our third chakra, the Solar Plexus – our place of empowerment and self respect and helps us communicate from a place of compassionate warmth and understanding.


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Volume 6: Cherry Tree – Abundance, Creativity, Self Love

Sacred Plant Wisdom devoted to the Cherry Tree! Sacred Plant Journey, Guided Meditation, Journal Questions for deepening your relationship and work with the Cherry Tree as medicine, ally, heart soother, creativity and self love!

Check out the sample video here!


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Volume 7: Wisdom from Wild Oat/Avena – Sweet Nourishment, Timing, & Tenderness

Learn about the magic and wisdom of Avena – medicine of nourishment and sweetness through this PDF containing mp3 downloads, journey tracks, guided meditation, lecture, journal questions, recipes and more!


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 Volume 8: Wisdom from Yarrow- Sacred Warrior and Sacred Boundaries

In this volume learn from the medicine of Yarrow about being a sacred warrior and defending and healing your emotional boundaries and woundings. Work with this Sacred Plant through mp3 downloads, discussion, journey tracks, recipes, journal questions and more!


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Volume 9: Wisdom from Rosemary

Rosemary is an ally for clarity, expansive vision, and emotional clearing!

Listen to and download videos, mp3 recorded meditations and a shamanic journey to learn about the medicine and spirit of Rosemary!

Check out the Free Video Clip Here!


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 Vol 10: Mountain Marigold

Volume 10: Mountain Marigold – Ancestral Healing and Light in the Shadows of Grief

This volume of Sacred Plant Wisdom Newsletter is devoted to the flower of the Day of the Dead, Marigold. Marigold can help us with grief, sadness, heartbreak, working with ancestral or familial healing, and cleansing and releasing negative and heavy energy.

 Includes Mp3 recordings of medicinal and energetic spiritual uses of marigold, journey tracks, guided meditations, journal questions, and suggestions on how to work with this ally in your own life!


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Volume 11: Sage – Soul Truth and Sacred Balance

SAGE – an ally for Balance and Soul Truth. Includes mp3 recordings, journey tracks, guided meditations, recipes and journal questions to deepen your relationship with this plant ally.


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Volume 12: Cottonwood Tree – Stillness, Ceremony, Grace & Flow

The Cottonwood Tree – an ally for Stillness and Contemplation, Emotional and Intuitive Flow, Ceremony and Grace. Includes mp3 recordings, journey tracks, guided meditations, recipes and journal questions to deepen your relationship with this plant ally.


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Read the reviews and comments about Sacred Plant Wisdom below!

 “I am love love loving the hawthorn issue. I just finished the mp3 and am so full of wonder that this subscription is already 100% hitting the spot…The audio created a sense of intimacy and heart connection that print/words just can’t create (although that part is lovely too). I’ve been working on closer relationships with my plant allies for awhile. Now I feel like I’m on the path with you and others. Thank you!” – Eleanor

“I just finished listening to your talk on corn, and I need to thank you for bringing such a fresh, conscious raising, taste bud awakening to Mother Corn in such a respectful way honoring people’s relationship to it here in the Southwest.  For me personally, listening to your talk on corn has allowed me to realize that studying plants involves not just the left brain didactic and very important learning I’ve been doing over the past 4-6 weeks or so, but also this learning needs to be paired with the creative, the mystery, the shamanic aspect of plant medicine that is so so so important in my own work as well.”  – I.S.

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